What is the cause of the Itchiness After Hair Transplant And How Does it Pass

When the hair transplant operation is compared to some of the other major medical operations; one can say that the undesired side effects after the hair transplant operation take less time to disappear. They are not as severe as the ones you would encounter after a major operation.

One of the expected short term events that will happen on your scalp is the forming of the scabs after the hair transplant and the itchiness. Although the incisions, cut or penetrations in a hair transplant operation are done in very small diameters, encountering the scabs that are starting to form on your scalp is a very natural event. When the scabs start forming on your scalp, you should keep in mind that this an indication of the healing process that is taking place. You would experience the same scabs after most any injury ranging from a minor cut on your finger to a severe work accident.

What is the cause of feeling itchy after hair transplant operation?

There may be several reasons that cause itchiness after a hair transplant operation. One of the most commonly encountered reason is the forming of the scabs on the scalp. However, if that is the reason behind the itchiness, you should not feel itchy after the scabs fall naturally. This process will only take about 10 days.


If the cause of the itchiness is not solved when the scabs have completely disappeared and your itchiness has been going for a long time in a severe way, then there may be other reasons that cause the itchiness on your scalp. For instance, in some rare cases, you may have infections on the transplanted; the donor area and this may be the reason why you’re experiencing the itchiness. Exposing your scalp to contaminated, dirty or dusty areas may cause this. If you think that your itchiness is caused by an infection, you should contact your doctor and follow his instructions.

How does the itchiness after the hair transplant operation pass?

If you are feeling itchy because of the scabs, you should never scratch your scalp and force the scabs to fall. The falling process should happen naturally. If you fail to let the scabs fall naturally, you may cause infections or you can undermine the success of the hair transplant operation. When you leave the scabs to fall naturally, it should take approximately 10 days for this process to be completed. After that, your itchiness will stop unless there is another cause behind it.

No matter what happens, you should never scratch the transplantation area. If the itchiness becomes uncomfortable for you, you can ask your doctor for a shampoo or hair care product. It will speed up the healing process and reduce the itchiness that you are experiencing. You should also avoid using any cosmetic or medical lotions and pills for reducing the itchiness without consulting your doctor. Remember that your doctor is going to give the most appropriate solution for your symptom of itchiness.