Reasons for Fails of Hair Transplantation

Boldness is what most of the people are complaining about. That’s why, nowadays, millions of men and women are having hair transplant operations. Moreover, millions are waiting for their turn to gain their hair back. Today, there are special clinics provide hair transplant service all around the world.

But, despite having a hair transplant, whether they have had worldwide popular methods, like fue hair transplant or dhi hair transplant the operation may not be successful. There are thousands of people who have had an unsuccessful operation. However, mostly the patients can avoid it by taking some cautions in the first place. Rarely, they have no option to regain their hair in the way they want them.

So, why hair transplant fails?

The 5 reasons for unsuccessful hair transplants

Every patient can have an unsuccessful hair transplant. It may depend either on the patient or the clinic, or both. Here are the most common reasons for why hair transplants fail.

1- The patient may not be suitable for the operation

Not being a suitable patient for hair transplant is quite common amongst who have had an unsuccessful hair transplant operation. The reasons for it vary on person. The hair roots of the patient may not be strong enough to stay after the operation. If the hair roots are strong, then they can stay longer.

During your first visit to your clinic, your doctor must check your entire head, from scalp to hair roots, and tell you his/her evaluations on whether you are suitable for the operation or not.

2- The operating doctor might be inexperienced

A successful hair transplant requires sufficient knowledge and experience by all means. Not only the doctors but also other stuff of the clinic must have knowledge and experience to conduct this operation. You should check the experience of the clinic before the operation. Otherwise, you may face some unsatisfying results.

3- The quality of the clinic

You should bear in mind that having a lot of banners don’t show that the clinic can fulfil your request. Before booking an operation you can find former patients from there and ask for their opinion on the clinic in general. If you obtain satisfying information, you can book a reservation for your operation.

4- Wrong hair caring before and after the operation

In order for the transplanted hair roots to hold on, you must be meticulous with your hygiene. In this sense, hair caring is crucial in order to obtain your hair back, properly. It includes 3 different processes, which are pre-operation, operation, and post-operation processes. You must exactingly follow the instructions given by your doctor for both before and after the operation.

These treatments may be implied daily or weekly, regarding your doctor’s instruction. If you do not follow them correctly as you have been told, the result will almost be unsuccessful.

5- Having inconvenient expectations

Sometimes, even though the operation is successful, the patient may be unsatisfied. Because we know that every patient wants to regain their hair as soon as possible. It’s totally normal. However, this process needs time to be done. Rarely, having a complete result takes more than a year. Mostly, with proper and regular hair care, you can get your hair back in a healthy way within a few months.


As you can understand, there are various reasons for unsuccessful hair transplant. You can avoid them with only a few precautions. We suggest you consult our clinic before any operation. In this case, you can prevent any further problem and have your problem with the mind at peace.