Hair mesotherapy is a non-surgical procedure which prevents the hair loss. With this method, the hair is revitalized and strengthened. This method, which stimulates blood flow, injects the necessary vitamins and minerals into the hair follicles. This method is more effective than creams and masks as it is directly injected into the hair follicles.

Proteins, vitamins and minerals injected between adipose tissue and skin make the hair stronger. It is very safe and without no side effects.

How Hair Mesotherapy Method is Applied?

Hair mesotherapy, which is a very fast method compared to other methods. It lasts 10 to 30 minutes depending on the size of the area. In this method, which prevents the hair loss and makes the existing hair stronger, the beneficial ingredients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids are injected to the sculpt. Useful components to be applied are determined according to the needs of the patient.

This method is performed by applying local anesthesia. The procedure is performed every 2 weeks at the beginning of the treatment and the results of the procedure are noticed after the 5th treatment. 10 sessions are enough for hair mesotherapy. In this method they use special hair mesotherapy guns, with these guns connected to the computer, the amount of drug to be transferred is determined each time the trigger is pressed. After the adjustments are made, the drug is distributed to the entire scalp with this gun at certain intervals.

Although this is a method that can be applied manually, both the application time is prolonged and the effectiveness of the process is reduced during the manual application.

In this method, which has been proven to effective as a result of scientific research, the hairs become thicker. At the end of the 6th month, more powerful hair starts to grow. The dandruff that is present in the scalp will disappear. Dandruff removal method only works in patients with severe dandruff problem. This method is more suitable for women who do not want to have hair transplantation.

Which patients are appropriate for Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy, a painless and effective method, can be applied to patients of all ages, even to small patients.

All patients who have hair loss, who want to have their hair protected before or after hair transplantation, who realize that their hair is becoming weaker, have problems of hair loss and hair growth, can benefit from this method.

Hair mesotherapy is a method that should be applied by a specialist. This method can also be applied to prevent hair loss in mid seasons.

Who Is Not Suitable For Hair Mesotherapy?

This method shouldn’t be applied to people with heart failure, pregnant women, people with diabetes, people with kidney disease, breastfeeding mothers and people who are treated with anticoagulants. It is also not applied to cancer patients receiving chemotherapy, patients with a history of stroke, patients with urticaria, allergy to drugs to be used, and those with heart disease requiring multiple medications.