Today, hair transplant is an upcoming trend. The first question after a hair transplant will be whether the hair will be permanent or not. This is the most common question for hair transplantation. It is also natural that they would like to determine a path before the operation. Naturally, people want to have a permanent hair transplant after giving that much money and time. The FUE method is the process of transferring hair follicles from the nape to the upper regions. That’s why the nape is because As the hair follicles are coded in the nape region, doctors use that area particularly. You have seen many people who have experienced hair loss but the nape area stays the same.

Most of the transplanted hair won’t shed.

The grafts on the back of the nape are very durable and stay life-long. Because of this feature, hair loss after transplantation is nearly impossible. Although there is a very slight chance of loss, there is also a chance that shedding may occur due to diseases such as cancer. Except for these diseases, the transplanted hair is permanent. The transplanted hair is the same as your own hair. You can apply all kinds of hairdressing processes such as dyeing, cutting and blow dryer. Most of the patients are worried about these processes. You shouldn’t worry about it for a long time. Because doctors constantly test and observe the results.

Why is the transplanted hair permanent?

People think that the reasons are very important. Many people could not understand the logic behind it. The persistency stems for the genetic coding of the hair strands in the donor area. In fact, most of the success of hair transplantation comes from the density, quality and thickness of the hair strands in the donor region contrary to the common belief. People with these three elements will have a better appearance and a more successful operation takes place. You can observe the old men around you and see that despite their baldness, the hair at their neck stays still. You can understand the logic behind the persistence issue by questioning this situation. Because the male hormone does not affect the hair in the nape region. On the other hand, testosterone affects the hair on the upper part of the head and hair sheds quickly. Based on this logic, the FUE method has been applied safely for years. Many people achieve good hair transplant in Turkey compared to the past.

Is the loss of planted hair possible?

People often ask this question before the decision of operation. Some of the patients accept the truth and understand the logic. However, they ask about the density or frequency of their new hair. It’s important to give the true answer to those questions. All hair strands have the same genetic coding. Therefore, for some people, the hair loss wouldn’t occur but for the others, there might be changes in density or frequency after some time. On the other hand, there are many environmental factors affecting your hair. Apart from those factors, your hair will remain for life. Long-term durability is an important hair transplant advantage in hair transplantation. Actually, the major plus of the hair transplant process is that you will use it for many years without changing your appearance.