Turkey is among the leading countries of the aesthetic tourism in the world. Approximately, around 500 thousand people visit Turkey per year to have some corrective surgery on the face or the body. Besides hair transplantation which is most wanted, people come to Turkey to have breast enhancement, mustache, beard, and eyebrows transplantation. But why would someone come to Turkey when there are similar procedures around the world?

One of the main reasons is the high quality of service. Experts from all parts of the world come to Turkey on internship. In the modern clinics, they learn from the experts in the field of the hair transplantation. Also, Turkish doctors outperformed their European counterparts in providing a better service. Environmental and architectural beauties of Turkey, as well as an affordable way of life, make the hair transplant services cheaper than anywhere else. Turkey finds a way to satisfy both sides by offering patients a complete accommodation.This way, the patient has the high-quality service and at the same time, he contributes to the development of tourism in the country. Thus, hair transplantation considerably contributes to Turkish tourism and the economy.

The hair transplantation and the recovery period last very long in Europe but in Turkey, this period lasts only a few days. The usual procedure lasts from two to six days, making the transplantation and the recovery easier and more acceptable. Over and above, the percentage of success of transplantation in Turkey is higher than in European countries. While the process of transplantation itself is at a much higher level and better quality than in the European countries. For all of these reasons, Turkey seems like a logical choice. But that’s not all.

The principles which lead the health professionals in Turkey are – professionalism, quality, speed, and confidence. With a great experience and extensive knowledge, patients who decide for hair transplant in Turkey will be in safe hands. Without fear that they will not be satisfied, patients should have complete trust in top experts and in return, they will get the desired result and an outstanding service.There are several methods of treatment for all kinds of patient’s problems. The methods are designed to respond to the highest standards in the health organization. Every year, the methods improve and become better. It is certain that the patient will always have the most modern methods of treatment and aesthetic correction. Our teamwork is made up of people who first think and care about the patients. Besides that, they are working on the personal and professional improvement.

Usually, people believes that hair transplantation is an ordinary surgery. But that’s wrong. Hair transplantation has its risks just like other surgeries. That is the main reason why someone should think about the place where he wants to get hair transplantation. Place the patient will choose must be reliable, with experts from the fields of hair transplantation and modern methods of health treatment. Therefore, Turkey is the right choice. You can be sure that you are in the right place.