There are countless men around the world who are suffering from hair loss. But in today’s world, the hair transplant operation offers the most permanent and efficient solution to fight baldness or hair loss. It is possible to have the hair transplant operation performed on various parts on your head such as the top of your head or the forehead.

When a person starts to suffer from hair loss, it usually starts from the top of the head or the frontal parts of the head. As your hair continues to fall, it starts to become more and more apparent in the forehead area; that is why the hair loss in the forehead area is so hard for many people to deal with. Thanks to the modern hair transplant clinics equipped with the most sophisticated doctors, equipment and other clinic personnel; it is possible to have a very natural looking hair transplant in the forehead area.

Why is the forehead area so important?

The forehead is also referred to as the front hairline; as the name suggests it is in front of all the other hair on your head. Due to this reason, it is the first thing a person sees when they look at you. While you are taking your first look at someone and try to see the characteristics of that person, the forehead is as important as the eyes of that person.

The forehead area is one of the most important areas in a person’s face. As it has a direct impact on how you look. If a hair transplant operation will be performed on this area, it should be planned very carefully by using the golden ratio to align the place of the front hairline. If they do not plan the place of the front hairline carefully and place it with a wrong angle to the eyes, nose and the temporal hairlines, then you may have a really unsatisfactory result after the hair transplant operation.

So, choosing a proper clinic that will give you an individualized planning and care will terminate the risk of having undesired results after the hair transplant operation. Although it is possible to have a second hair transplant for fixing a bad hair transplant. The best choice is to get the results that you wanted with a single hair transplant. A good clinic is able to give you that.

Who can have a hair transplant to the forehead area?

Having a hair transplant to the forehead area does not necessarily require a hair loss problem. Some people may be unsatisfied with the look of their natural front hairlines and their foreheads. Sometimes they may find it unaesthetic and these people are able to have a hair transplant operation to have the front hairline that they desire by narrowing the front and the temporal hairlines; therefore making the forehead look more narrow than it naturally was.

Besides that, the vast majority of people who have a hair transplant in the forehead area are the people who are suffering from hair loss because most of the time the first symptoms of the hair loss starts from the frontal areas or the top of the head.