First Wash After Hair Transplantation

First wash after the hair transplant is crucial. In order to obtain a satisfying result, it is important to be careful about what to do and don’t after the operation as well as the doctor, who does the operation. Therefore, the patients must be rigorous about one of the most important part of the process, the first wash after the operation.

The bandage will be taken of the day after the operation held. Some want to have their hair washed at the clinic, others want to wash by themselves. If you prefer to wash your hair after the operation, it is better to do it three days after the transplant. Otherwise, you can get your hair washed at the clinic one day after the operation.

After the hair transplant, the clinic gives a lotion to the patient. It is suggested to use this lotion while washing the hair. You can pour the lotion onto the transplanted area. However, it is recommended to receive some help for getting this part done. The first wash is supposed be done with soft touches, without doing anything harmful fort he operated area.

When the lotion is applied, the patient waits for 30 minutes. After half an hour, the area get cleaned by using warm water. The next session is using the shampoo, which is recommended by the doctor. After that, the area get rinsed and the hair get dried. It is essential not to dry the hair too hot. Moreover, even though the hair dryer blows warm or cold, it should be blow 30-40 cm away from the hair.

This process continues for up to 7-10 days by doing once per day. Afterwards, the lotion, which is used for making the operated area softer, can wait for up to 1-2 hours. It is better to push a bit harder in order to get rid of the scarbs, after 7-10 days. Within a week to ten days, you are supposed to get rid of the scarbs. Sometimes this can take 15 days. In case the scarbs do not get exuviated within 15 days, it is suggested to visit a doctor.