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Hair Loss Related to illness

The hair roots, is the area in the body where there is more blood flow. Similarly, the cells of hair roots which are very sensitive because of the blood circulation,

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Falls Due to Medications

Hair loss can have several reasons. One of them is the fall due to drugs. For the treatment of a variety of disease, it is normal to use drugs with

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Primer Hairs Loss

There are many reasons for hair loss. One of them is mainly due to falls linked to skin diseases. The word “Primer” means, “principal” in Latin language. The falls caused

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The Steps of Hair Formation

The hairs, in human life, begin to grow since you are a baby, and depending on various factors the do not leave throughout life. They help to protect the brain

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What is Hair?

Human hair is one area, genetically acquired by parents and their genealogical tree. Beginning from the forehead to the root of neck, which protect its existance through cells called hair

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The Diagnosis of Hair Loss

The diagnostic process of hair loss may have different techniques, related to the type of hair loss, the area of loss and the amount of loss, so that we can

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The Link Between Cosmetics and Hair Loss

The hair, are both sensitive and an area important of the body. The hair roots, as their cells that feel most the blood circulation is open to all negativity that

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The Life Cycle of Hair

Each cell, each cell of hair, has a life time. Often these cells are reproduced by the body, but sometimes it happens that they are not reproduced. This is the

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What is PRP?

PRP treatment, which means “Platelet Rich Plasma”; is the name given to the separation of blood plasma and the red blood cells; by a variety of methods and application. The

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