Most consider the beard and moustache as make up of the men. Furthermore, every season the famous stylists and fashion icons create new models in order to make men fabulous. As a result of that people feel that they need to take care of their moustache and beard, regularly.

During recent years, beard and moustache have become the most crucial part of men’s appearance. However, sometimes our moustache and beard do not grow like the way we wish or do not grow at all. In this case, beard transplant and moustache transplant are the most popular solutions offered by the dermatologist.

With a simple beard transplant operation, you can get get the look you have always wanted to have. Even if you are beardless, these operations can be implemented. However, it is suggested to consult our clinic before the operation.

How beard transplant and moustache transplant are getting done?

The transplant operations can be done in an easier way compared to the hair transplant. The FUE method is the most popular way to get it done, similarly to the hair transplant operations.

There are three main phases of the transplantation process, which are consultation, operation, and medical dressing.


  1. Consultation phase: Just like any other medical treatment, beard and moustache transplant stars with the examination. During this, the doctors point out the two main aspects, which are determining the necessities of the face and the amount of the hair root that they can take from the donor area.
  2. Operation phase: Everyone’s hair grows its own way. For some, it goes upwards, for others, it is downwards. In this case, the doctors must be meticulous while doing the operation. Moreover, the operation phase has two main parts. One is getting the hair roots from the donor area and the other one is implementing them through the surface.
  3. Medical dressing phase: Clinics do medical dressings in order to prevent any undesirable scars. This phase is done right after and the day after the operation. Furthermore, you can get additional pieces of information about how to care your skin afterwards.


Depending on the size of your face and the necessity of the hair roots, beard and moustache are mostly implemented within a few hours. After the operation, the hair roots will be lost throughout the next 15 days as a natural phase. However, they start to grow after 3 months. Moreover, within the 6 or 8 months after the operation, your beard and moustache will grow properly and get in the way you wanted. Depending on the reaction of your skin, this may take 12 to 18 months, rarely.

Is beard transplant painful?

Despite the fact that it is a different part of your head and is more sensitive than your scalp, your cheeks cannot get harmed from this operation. The clients do not get hurt during the implementation due to local anaesthesia. There may be a few scars remain on the surface of the operated part but they will be recovered within the next weeks.